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Небоскреб в Чикаго

Предлагаю обратить внимание на недавно завершившуюся постройку в Чикаго - 82-х этажный небоскреб Aqua Tower; проект выполнен командой Studio Gang Architects.
Наглядный пример того, как один простой прием создает сильное и цельное впечатление.
Интересны комментарии Jeanne Gang:

"It’s part of the construction idea of the building,” she says. “It’s not like I start out going, ‘Here’s my shape, how do I make it?’ It’s more like, ‘How do I build it?’ And then we developed the form in relation to the views around it and the environmental targets that needed to be achieved.”

Эффект достигается засчет консольных выносов перекрытия каждого этажа.

“You couldn’t have done all that variety ten years ago,” she says of the undulating slabs. “Because our tools are connected to digital tools on the job site, they can lay out these different curves without too much trouble. It takes an unbelievable amount of human know-how and coordination to put a building together, and architects sometimes focus on technology so much that they fetishize it. I think it helps to embrace the messy side of the construction site and understand it more, as opposed to just hanging out in the studio focused on 3-D drawings.”


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